Monday, March 2, 2015

RUMOR: Marvel and Sony Have Found Their Peter Parker

This is a rumor and nothing more but it's too fun NOT to share with you and what's the point in having your own website if you can't share fun things with the few people who follow it?
Hit the jump to find out details about the potential new Peter Parker: Dylan O'Brien!

This rumor comes from Reddit and you're free to take it as seriously as you wish. Yesterday, Reddit user redditleaker23456 began a thread stating that Dylan O'Brien (Maze Runner) had blown Sony and Marvel away with his audition for Peter Parker and was likely to land the role. Early this morning, the same user updated the thread with the news that O'Brien had officially signed on the dotted line and will be the next Spider-Man.

Now normally you'd read through this and ignore this type of stuff, except this same Reddit user was ALL OVER the Spidey-to-Marvel info long before any of it became official. As I said, it's 100% up to you how you take this info. I'm not reporting it as fact or telling you what to believe; I'm simply passing it along to those of you who may not have seen it otherwise.

The timing of this also HAPPENS to coincide with legendayr super-duper-Latino-scooper El Mayimbe's tweet yesterday stating that an actor for a major comic book movie has been found:

 Of course El Mayimbe could be talking about any number of films and there's nothing to cement a connection to Spider-Man, but it certainly is an interesting coincidence especially if you subscribe to coincidence.