Friday, March 20, 2015

Production Has Begun on Deadpool; Supporting Roles Revealed

After years of rumors and delays, fans of Deadpool can finally breathe a little easier as production of the Ryan Reynolds led film has FINALLY begun.

After the leaked footage of Tim Miller's Deadpool hit the internet, it wasn't long before FOX put the wheels in motion on bringing the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen in a way that will (hopefully) put the previous incarnation out of its misery. Ryan Reynolds' passion for the project has been singled out as helping to keep hope alive and now Reynolds and the rest of the cast have taken over Vancouver as production on Deadpool has begun ahead of the February 12, 2016 release.

Yesterday Reynolds and fellow cast member Morena Baccarin sent out some tweets from the set showing their studio chairs which turned out to be pretty exciting since as it revealed the first look at the Deadpool film logo and it was the first a character name was associated with Baccarin.
And so, as many have speculated, it seems Baccarin is playing Vanessa Carlysle, a mutant shape-shifter much in the style of Mystique. Carlyslye, who goes by the name of Copycat, may actually in some ways be even more dangerous than Mystique as her abilities allow her to mimic the person right down to the cellular level, meaning not only does she look like them, but she can mimic their powers as well.

Baccarin's reveal comes just a day after T.J. Miller used Twitter to reveal that he would be playing Deadpool's longtime sidekick Weasel, as was expected.

I am so thoroughly excited that this film is being made. Not only is it likely to be an incredibly awesome film on its own, but if it succeeds at the box office, it will have sown the seeds for FOX to open the floodgates to characters from properties like New Mutants and X-Force.