Saturday, January 3, 2015

VIDEO: Marvel Unveils the First Human-Sized Look at Tuesday's Ant-Man Trailer

Just 24 hours after cleverly revealing the ant-sized teaser, Marvel Studios has unveiled a full, human-size teaser for the Ant-Man trailer set to premier Tuesday during Agent Carter!

Check out some HD screencaps below:

A couple of interesting things there:

It looks like Hope van Dyne may either be working for Cross or breaking into his lab. I imagine she's working for him since Lang is a thief and it'd be easier to see him breaking in.

Looks like at some point, Hank Pym will be going into one of his old school labs. I like the fact that a lot of this film will connect to the past of the MCU and fill in some blanks.

In the still of Lang in the prison fight, the shirts read "CDCR" which stands for California Deprment of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Can't be sure what prison it is, but we have seen Seagate before and the prisoners there have "Seagate" on their clothes.