Friday, January 2, 2015

VIDEO: Marvel Gives an Ant-Sized Look at Ant-Man Trailer, Debuts January 6th During Agent Carter

Marvel Studios have generously given us our first look at footage from their upcoming Ant-Man trailer! Hit the jump...

It's been speculated for a while and Marvel Studios has made it official: our first look at Peyton Reed's Ant-Man will come during the Agent Carter 2-hour series premier on January 6th!

What you're about to watch is the real teaser released by Marvel Studios..don't shoot the messenger!

Now I have no idea what just went on in there, but I love the fact that Marvel is having fun with this and I feel like the trailer itself will likely put off a fun vibe. There was a reason they were looking for writers and directors with comedic sensibilities for this film. While I don't expect it to be a full-blown comedy, it will certainly be an enjoyable film.