Wednesday, January 7, 2015

VIDEO: First Official Teaser for Marvel Studio's Ant-Man

After cleverly teasing it over the weekend, last night Marvel Studios released the first official teaser for their upcoming film, Ant-Man. Take a look after the jump.

I'm sure this teaser didn't give much away at all and was honestly designed to give people who have never really heard much about Ant-Man an idea of what it'll be about. It focused on Scott Lang without naming Michael Douglas' Hank Pym. It also seems that it'll be a smaller, more personal journey by our hero in this film given Douglas' line that "it's not about saving the world; it's about saving theirs." Overall, I enjoyed the teaser and I look forward to the film. I am a huge Paul Rudd fan and I was thrilled to see his typical Rudd reaction to Douglas telling him he needed him to be the Ant-Man.

Ant-Man is due in theaters July 17!

UPDATE: Below are some 4K screencaps for those that like to look!