Friday, January 30, 2015

VIDEO: Chris Hemsworth Talks the Bigness of Thor: Ragnarok

In an interview with Digital Spy, Thor star Chris Hemsworth talked about the third solo outing for the Odinson.

So there's that...Hemsworth with not a whole lot to say about the upcoming film, scheduled to hit theaters July 28, 2017. While the star says there is no script, Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle have been working on the story for nearly a year and it's likely that a treatment or two has made it around the Marvel Studios' offices. When Hemsworth says the movie will be big, he's likely not wrong nor is he fooling around. The film's subtitle points towards the Norse apocalypse and hints at the presence of Surtur, the villainous fire demon and ancient enemy of Asgard. This film, if done correctly, could be something similar to Lord of the Rings and be a beautiful fantasy epic. With much of Phase 3 being about getting the original Avengers off the board so the new guys get a chance to play, I'd imagine Thor: Ragnarok will see the Odinson in a bad place. I'd expect much more news about this film, including a director, to hit this summer, maybe around Comic-Con.