Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A.K.A. Jessica Jones Auditions All But Confirm the Purple Man

Recently some audition reels for the upcoming Marvel series A.K.A. Jessica Jones were released online. The reels give us a good idea of the flavor we should expect from the series, but also seemingly confirm the series villain will be Zebediah Killgrave, the Purple Man!
The videos, which have since been taken down, show actor Nick Court auditioning for the role of "Kincade" in a series called "Violet" which is the name A.K.A. Jessica Jones will be filming under.
Having watched the videos, it seems obvious that Kincade is Killgrave given the conversation and reactions that the Jessica Jones character (portrayed by Once Upon a Time's Meghan Ory in one tape). While it isn't surprising that the Purple Man will be the villain of the series given he is the reason she lives such an uncomfortable life, it is good to see some confirmation of him in the show as I wagered he'd be a sure thing.

Given that they were actual audition tapes leaked by someone, they do give us a bit of insight into Marvel's plans for the series. First of all, they certainly have a type in mind for Zebediah Killgrave as Nick Court is a VERY distinct looking fellow.

While we don't know if Court got the part or not, I'm guessing he didn't or else the videos wouldn't have been leaked. So while we aren't sure who will be playing Killgrave, I'd imagine it'll be someone with very distinctive features like Court.

The videos also give us an idea of how Killgrave's manipulative powers will play out in the series and it is safe to say that by the time A.K.A. Jessica Jones completes its 13-episode run, people are going to hate Killgrave. While he's always been one of Marvel's most morally vacant characters, something about seeing him enjoying himself on screen is really going to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

Finally, I was happy to see that the series may keep a bit of the adult edge that Brian Michael Bendis' Alias had. While I don't think we'll see full on sex scenes, it's pretty evident from what was in the audition that Jessica Jones escapades won't be entirely written off. It seems her rough personality will also make the transition to the screen as in one scene Ory told an unknown male that she "didn't give a bag of dicks" about his opinion or what he did, something that seemed right from the pages of Alias.

With production set to being in February, I'm certain we'll be hearing more about Killgrave and the some other additional cast sometime soon!