Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RUMOR: Marvel's Daredevil Costume Revealed

Comicui.com, a brand new place to me, has potentially broken some news concerning the look of Daredevil's final costume in the Netflix series, due to hit in May of 2015.
Those of you who are huge Daredevil fans were likely VERY excited to see that, at least early on, Matt Murdock would be suiting up in a costume quite similar to the one he wore on his first night as a vigilante in Frank Miller's, The Man Without Fear.

It's a cool nod to one of the series' legendary writers and hints that the series may have a bit of a Batman Begins feel to it, which is wonderful because it means we might see Murdock fail a time or two, making it a much more grounded series.

However, we also know that Matt won't always be in that costume and that, eventually, he was going to be sporting something resembling his modern day outfit and definitely something with some horns. If Comic.UI is correct, it seems by the end of the first season, Matt will be wearing an updated costume, but not the one or two most of you expect. The report, based on a conversation with a supposed crew member implies we won't be seeing the modern-day red suit or even the old school yellow, but a "red and black" suit.  While this could refer to the modern red suit with some updated touches to it, it is worth pointing out that Ol' Hornhead has donned some red and black suits in the past. Have a look for yourself:

Secret War (not to be confused with Secret Wars):

This, for me, would be just fine. It's a nice looking suit and might look really great on screen.

Armored Costume:

Matt suited up with this bad ass mo fo in Daredevil issues #319-325 in the Fall from Grace story arc. This one seems an awfully lot less likely, but it's a pretty sweet looking get up either way. 


I'd describe this more as black and red, but maybe that's semantics. I LOVE Shadowland and I think it'd work really well as an arc for the Netflix series, but not in Season 1. I'm not even sure it should be Season 1 of The Defenders.

Of course, like I said, there's plenty or room for interpretation here and we may just end up seeing the modern-style red, but this is interesting enough to me to share!