Saturday, October 18, 2014

VIDEO: Adam McKay Updates Ant-Man; Says Script is "50/50" His and Edgar Wright's Original

In an interview with Colllider's Adam Chitwood, writer/director Adam McKay (Step-Brothers, Anchorman) gave some insight into rewriting one of Marvel's longest-developing projects, the changes made and how Paul Rudd may have helped save the film.

So it seems McKay, who is a long-time fan of Marvel comics, may have had a hand in making this movie a little closer to the source material and make it feel a little more "Marvel-y." While there are a lot of folks out there who will always wish they were watching Edgar Wright's version of the film, there's enough evidence out there to suggest that it would have been largely disconnected from the rest of the MCU and I think it's clear where Marvel stands on that.

While I at one point was very concerned about the film, I've taken comfort from having comic fan Peyton Reed brought on to direct and comic fan Adam McKay brought on to do a rewrite. I'm hopeful that this film will shatter people's expectations in an even bigger way than Guardians of the Galaxy.