Monday, September 15, 2014

Marvel's Daredevil Adds Scott Glenn as Matt Murdock's Sensei, Stick

The veteran actor, Scott Glenn, (The Right Stuff and The Silence of the Lambs) joins an already stellar cast.

As Marvel's Daredevil continues filming in Manhattan, we know little about the direction of the upcoming series. However, if today's casting addition is any indication, it's likely we'll be seeing some of Matt Murdock's early days as his mentor and sensei, Stick, played by Scott Glenn, will appear in the show.

Stick is the leader of The Chaste, a group of martial artists whose sole purpose is to battle The Hand, evil ninjas who regularly try to take over the world. Stick and The Chaste entered the Marvel Universe during Frank Miller's legendary run on Daredevil, one that seems more and more likely to inform the first season of the show. Stick mentored both Matt Murdock and Elektra in the mastery of martial arts and, especially in Murdock's case, his senses.

Marvel plans to unveil some footage from Daredevil during October's New York Comic Con and the more that I hear about the show, the more excited I'm becoming. It seems like Marvel TV may have it's first solid hit in its future.