Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Marvel Moving Forward with Inhumans

Earlier today Collider broke the news that Marvel will be moving forward in its ongoing attempts to add the Inhumans to the MCU.

Following the success of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, the further exploration of the Cosmic side of the Marvel Universe was a certainty. With a vast stable of incredibly interesting characters whose film rights reside at Marvel Studios, the studio certainly has many options on the table and have been developing some of those for some time. While Gunn and Chris Pratt announced that a sequel to the highly-acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy would hit theaters in 2017, there was no way that would be the only Cosmic-based film in the near future when Marvel has so many characters at their disposal.

Today Collider broke the news that the Guardians sequel will not be alone as Marvel has taken further steps to develop the Inhumans. In development since 2011, the Inhumans has resided near the top of Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige's wishlist for sometime and it seems now that the Studio has a script it likes and will soon begin sharing the script with potential directorial candidates. The script, by Joe Robert Cole, comes from Marvel's in-house writing program which also produced the original version of the Guardians of the Galaxy script, written by Nicole Perlman. Perlman's script was shared with several directors before James Gunn and Marvel began negotiations over the film. Gunn, of course, liberally rewrote the film after being encouraged by Marvel to add his own voice while keeping a few of the bigger-picture shared universe ideas intact. It's likely that Cole's script won't be the final version we see on screen either, as is the case for most of their films.

While there is no director there is obviously no released date scheduled as of now, but it is worth pointing out that Collider's source told them the plan is to get Inhumans to fill one of Marvel's recently announced open dates. With Ant-Man, Captain America 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 being the only OFFICIALLY announced Phase 3 films, it is still possible, perhaps even likely, that Inhumans joins the crowd as one 3 2017 releases. Of course Marvel does have a director (Scott Derrickson) and screenwriter (John Spaihts) actively working on bringing Doctor Strange to the screen (most expect that film to fill the July 8, 2016 slot) and a pair of in-house writers (Craig Kyle and Chris Yost) working on the screenplay for Thor 3, but there are NO sure things. I'm as guilty as anyone, but we all like to pretend at times that we know what's what behind the scenes. Realistically, an Inhumans film could fall together in an instant and be on screen in 2016 or be stuck in development hell and not be seen until 2019, if at all. At this point, with no official announcement from Marvel, we are all better off continuing to breathe in and out.

This news comes on the heels of star Vin Diesel's seemingly intentional tease about the property on his Facebook page the other day. While some have written it off as nothing more than a tease, This is Infamous, who claims to CONFIRM Collider's exclusive, reports that Diesel has in fact entered into talks with Marvel to appear in the film. Most of the speculation regarding Diesel's involvement in the film centers around him playing Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans, and one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel stable. This is Infamous goes on to say that while there are obviously no dates set in stone at this early juncture, they speculate that Marvel might try to introduce Inhumans in Phase 3 AFTER Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which would land it on November 3, 2017. No other names are even being mentioned at this point, given the very early stages, but fan-favorite Benedict Cumberbatch may finally find his MCU-role as Maximus the Mad, brother of Black Bolt and Loki-esque pain in the ass. While many directors will have a shot at this property, someone in the mold of David Lynch (Dune) might be in the ballpark for the type of talent Marvel could turn to. The Inhumans are a very strange bunch and it would take a rather visionary director to properly convey them to an audience.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Inhumans, I'd suggest you stick around the site as with this news I'll start pushing out some Brain Splatter Meet and Greets, like the Black Bolt one linked above, to help you get to know some of the STRANGEST characters in the Marvel universe.

Sources: This is Infamous and Collider