Saturday, July 26, 2014

VIDEO: Evangeline Lilly Doesn't Know What Those Ant-Man Rumors are About...

In what appears to be yet another round of Marvel Studios' Presents: Liars, Evangeline Lilly, long confirmed by the trades to be a part of the upcoming Ant-Man, denies all knowledge of the subject in an interview with MTV.

And so Evangeline Lilly is in Ant-Man. While we won't have long to wait who Lilly is playing as it's very possible she'll be brought out at Marvel Studios' Hall H panel tonight at 8:30 PM ET, rumors have always pegged her as Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, Bad Ass Digest's Devin Faraci pointed out to me today that she was not the Wasp, at least not in Edgar Wright's version of the story:

Now, that's not to say she isn't Janet Van Dyne and Faraci is quick to point out that things could easily have changed since the last script he read. We'll find out soon enough!