Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Update #3: The Avengers Have Assembled in the Age of Ultron Poster

In what looks to be the first two of several Avengers: Age of Ultron posters that could potentially form a larger poster, we get to see Scarlet Witch and Iron Man battle Ultron's drones.

Judging by Hawkeye's arrows floating across the Scarlet Witch's poster and Andy Park's tweet that her poster was ONE of the Avengers' posters he got to do, it seems we'll be building towards one giant poster of the Avengers taking on Ultron's drone army!

UPDATE: Today we got Captain America and Black Widow pieces to the poster

July 25th UPDATE:
Today we get a Quicksilver poster that includes our first look at The Vision and a poster showing Hawkeye in some deep poop.

July 26th UPDATE: Today we get what should be the final two posters and get a look at Thor and Hulk.

Here's the final poster...we think...with the Avengers all assembled!