Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dwayne Johnson Continues to Tease His DC Superhero Role

Dwayne Johnson has made no secret about his desire to bring a DC superhero to the big screen. Over the past few days, as he does his press tour for Hercules, it's become increasingly clear that he might just be lined up for Shazam. Hit the jump to see his latest tease...

So there you have it. He's either really leading us all down the wrong path, or he'll possibly be announced sometime this weekend as a part of DC/WB's Shazam film. Savvy fans will notice that both Shazam and Black Adam are in the picture that he used to tease the film, so at this point, even though he's rumored to play a hero, we have to be open to the possibility that he'll be the bad guy.

There's really no downside to having Dwayne Johnson in your film. The guy drips charisma and puts asses in seats. He's also worked very hard at acting and has become more than just a wrestler in a movie. While I'm honestly not anywhere near as familiar with the Shazam characters as I am some others, if you put the Rock in a superhero flick, you just took $24 from my family to see it at a matinee screening in West Branch!