Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Description of the 17-Minute Guardians of the Galaxy Footage

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the 17-minute screenings of Guardians of the Galaxy last night in Grand Blanc, Michigan. After the jump, I'll break down the footage and give some thoughts.

I've seen a lot of reactions to the footage already and I'm sure many of you have seen them as well. I took to my Twitter right after the show to give my initial reactions, but I wanted to give a little more meat and potatoes about the footage today.

The footage begins with the very familiar scenes of the Guardians being run through processing by the Nova Corps including the unedited version of Star-Lord giving the bird. While this footage has become very familiar, there were a few more important points layered into the full footage. We get some nice exposition about most of the main characters, especially Gamora. During her processing we get some background on her relationship with Thanos, called the Mad Titan by Rhomann Dey, and Nebula and how she came to work for Ronan. We also get some pictures of the ALL of those 3 that pop up briefly.

From here we see the prisoners being transferred to the Kyln. The exterior shot of the Kyln was one of the most visually impressive shots in the footage. To generalize, the outer space shots here and in the trailer, look magnificent in the 3D IMAX formula. Once inside the Kyln, we see some of the other very familiar scenes from previous trailers: the gang marching in cuffs, Rocket's "ain't nobody like me but me" rant and Quill getting tazed by the "big, blue bastard" that took his Walkman and listened to HIS song. It becomes apparent that Quill's memories of his brief time on Earth are of great importance to him and when they are encroached upon, he is not happy.

Following Quill's tazing, we find out how he came to be standing in his underwear in front of the sentry guns. It turns out it's just a part of the processing all the Kyln prisoners go through that involves having them sprayed with some funky, orange goo that seems to be a cleaning process. Rocket limps into Quill's cell, having just received the same treatment, and we get a look at his back, giving us a glimpse into the pained history that those of us who are comic book fans know too well. Rocket's torso is littered with implants, souvenirs of his past on Half-World.

From here the footage shifts to the Guardians meeting up at mealtime and their convening gives Rocket a chance to share his plan for escape (he's already escaped 22 prisons and the Kyln has NO CHANCE at holding him). Without spoiling this scene, I'll say that Rocket's genius shines through and I'd argue that Rocket is the central character of at least this bit of the film, which I imagine concludes the first act. There is a perfect mix of action and humor here, along with some other additions to the characters' motivations, but it is clear that the MCU version of Rocket will be every bit the tactical/strategic genius that he has been in the comics.

Needless to say, the Guardians escape intact and even Star-Lord is very impressed with Rocket's plan. After that, the footage moved to the new trailer which I've embedded below.

And here's the extended International Trailer: Overall the footage was beautiful. The film looks great in 3D IMAX and I'm not a huge fan of the format. In just the brief scene I saw, each of the characters were pretty well-developed