Saturday, July 19, 2014

Daredevil Set Photos Give First Look at Foggy Nelson, Potential Defender

Daredevil, the first of Marvel's groundbreaking Netflix series, has been filing in New York City for a few weeks now. Set photos have been slowly popping up and now we have our first look at Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson.

Here's the shot of Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson courtesy of Instagram user nami_1104:

Now well it's great to see something that looks kind of official from the set of Daredevil, the next picture is one that had me doing some thinking.

Notice that the chairs for Charlie Cox and Elden Henson are marked "Murdock" and "Nelson." That makes the other chair, the one marked "Fleischer", kind of interesting.

Given the very little evidence we have to go on from the photo we can guess that there may be a character named Fleischer in Daredevil. It's certainly possible that "Fleischer" is the name of someone working for Marvel and not a character, but let's for now go in the direction the very small sample of evidence is giving us and figure out who this Fleischer character might be.

You'd have do be a pretty hardcore fan of The Defenders comics to recognize the name Cody Fleischer. I have a stack of old Defenders books and it didn't ring a bell to me, however, Cody Fleischer is the actual name of a Marvel character that appeared in The Secret Defenders as a member of the team known as Cadaver. You can probably intuit the meaning of his name, but Fleischer was basically resurrected as a walking corpse after being killed by Malachi, a sorceress looking to bring her lover back from death. Cadaver apparently had the cool ability to pull one of his ribs out and have it turn into a sword and was filled with some mystic energy that kept him animated and healed him.

That seems like a pretty crazy road to go down in the Daredevil series, to be honest, but there's no saying Marvel plans to directly adapt the character if this is even him. Cadaver crossed paths with Luke Cage and Doctor Druid, someone who could easily show up when The Defenders mini-series hits Netflix, among others so there are some LOOSE connections to the team. Having said all that, it's just an effort on my part to do some digging and see what I could find based on what is really far to small of a sample size of evidence. If "Fleischer" does turn out to be a character in the series and not someone working on set, at least we'll have an idea about one path the character MIGHT follow.

Before you go, check out the rest of nami_1104's set shots, including a look at Matt Murdock himself! Ok, it's just Charlie Cox in street clothes, but still.

Source: Instagram