Saturday, June 7, 2014

Marvel Looking at Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch for Doctor Strange

Earlier this week, director Scott Derrickson took on the task of bringing Doctor Strange, Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige's pet project, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Marvel is looking to cast the lead role of Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme and have their sights set on stars Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Deadline first reported last night that with Derrickson attached to the film, Marvel is putting together a cast list and that Hardy and Cumberbatch are at the top of it. Deadline noted that while there are other actors on the list, it's the two rising-stars that are the focal points of Marvel's efforts. It was reported earlier this week that Academy Award-winner Jared Leto was also on Marvel's radar for the role.

Cumberbatch, a fan GIRL favorite, has had his name tossed around in Marvel fancasts quite frequently and, as recently as December, was rumored to be on Marvel's radar for an unspecified role. At that time, I posited that the role of Doctor Strange was a possibility, though I also made mention of the fact that I wasn't sure Cumberbatch was the man for the role. The role of Strange is rumored to be a large one in the future of the MCU and while Cumberbatch is excellent as Sherlock Holmes, he's yet to prove that he can carry a film...and the Cumberbitches came out of the woodwork.

Hardy, on the other hand, seems to have quite a bit of box-office appeal and, with his role in 2015's Fury Road, he'll likely see his star continue to rise. Hardy is really a fine character-actor who has already proven his willingness to become immersed in his roles. You'll have to look no further than Bronson to see what kind of work Hardy can do. While The Dark Knight Rises is not one of my favorite films and I was not pleased with Christopher Nolan's interpretation of Bane, Hardy did great work in the role.

It's far too early to know if either (or both) of these guys will join the cast, it seems clear that Marvel is pushing Doctor Strange to be prepared for the summer of 2016. It won't be surprising at all to see whomever lands the role of Stephen Strange take the stage next month in San Diego at Comic-Con '14 when Marvel will officially announce the film. I expect Marvel to make a little more buzz at this con to counteract the negativity floating around Ant-Man and having a big name like Hardy or Cumberbatch take the stage will go a long way in that regard.

While we aren't 100% clear if Marvel what script Derrickson is working on, it's a good bet that Baron Mordo will be a part of it. With that in mind ,I'd be happy to see both Hardy and Cumberbatch join the film with Hardy in the role of Strange and Cumberbatch as Mordo. While I have my doubts about Cumberbatch leading a film or a franchise, I think he be a wonderful Mordo, though I'd much rather see what Cumberbatch could get up to in an Inhumans film as Maximus.

What are your thoughts on the role? Who would you like to see as Doctor Stephen Strange?