Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Watch out Netflix; 24 coming to Amazon Prime

Watch out Netflix.....24 is coming to Amazon Prime!                      

Amazon Prime signed a HUGE juggernaut today! 24 starring Keifer Sutherland as CTU hero Jack Bauer will now be available to Amazon customers via Amazon Prime? What is Amazon Prime??? Heck if I know! We use Netflix in my household! But it seems like the in-home service now has some real completion in Amazon Prime. Now on Amazon the 24 library of 192 current episodes plus one made for TV movie 24: Redemption seems to help in a very competitive market.

 Will 24 jump start Amazon Prime?? Time will only tell!!! Tune in to FOX May 5th for the return of 24: Live Another Day & as always stay tune to the Splatter for all you 24/entertainment news! .........HULK OUT!!!

Source: @forbes Contributor @MerrillBarr