Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seven Characters Nathan Fillion Could Cameo as in Guardians of the Galaxy

With the fevered speculation that Nathan Fillion has likely joined the cast of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, it's time to take a look at just who he might portray in the space epic when it hits theaters August 1st.

Nathan Fillion's tease at last weekend's St. Louis Comic Con combined with James Gunn's tweet about a cat being let out of the bag sure make it likely that Fillion has joined the cast of his friend Gunn's upcoming film. With one round of reshoots down and another underway now, it's likely that Fillion's role is not a large one, but more along the lines of the "cool cameo idea" Gunn referred to when describing why they were doing reshoots.

Fillion is a fanboy favorite for his work in the cult hit Firefly and has been a part of many fancasts for just about every Marvel movie that's been made. While there's no certainty that he IS in the film much less who he'll be playing, it doesn't hurt to have a little fun and have a look at 7 characters he could portray. Of course, there's a much better chance that IF he is in the film, he's playing someone entirely different and way less cool, but what the hell?

1. Adam Warlock

If you've been to this site more than once, you know how badly I want to see Adam Warlock on screen. Fillion would do a marvelous job as the very eccentric and other-worldly Warlock, however, signing on as Warlock for a cameo in this film would likely lead to a much larger role down the line as Warlock is a key player in EVERY battle against Thanos.

2. J'son, Emperor of the Spartoi Empire and father of Peter Jason Quill, the Star-Lord

Those unfamiliar with the Guardians of the Galaxy may not be familiar with the fact that their leader, Peter Quill, was born on Earth but is only half-human. His father, J'son, is the emperor of one of Marvel's alien races, the Spartoi. J'son crashed on Earth during a war and fell in love with Meredith Quill, the Earth girl who nursed him back to health, and the mother of Peter. J'son eventually rejoined the war, leaving Meredith to raise Peter alone until she was killed by members of the Badoon who were looking to kill Peter, the heir to the Spartaoi throne.

Fillion is only 9 years older than Chris Pratt, the actor who will portray Peter Quill, so the father-son relationship might not work out too well, however, it is possible Fillion could portray the younger J'son or they could just do some CGI magic on Fillion to age him. Really, if you put a beard on the guy, he isn't too far off.

3. Richard Rider, Nova of Earth

I've included this one thanks to my Twitter-pal @Marvel_Freshman who brought up the possibility yesterday. Readers of this site will recall how I've been pimping a Richard Rider mid-credit's scene for a while now, hoping that John C. Reilly's Rhoman Dey will head to Earth and hand over the helmet, making Rider the last Nova. With the inclusion of the Nova Corps in the film, a solo Nova film focusing on Rider seems inevitable, and Fillion would be a perfect choice for Rider...except for ONE thing. While I loathe the idea of Marvel NOW! Nova Sam Alexander joining the MCU, it's important to remember that Richard Rider was a teenager as well when he took over as the Buckethead. While Fillion would master the Rider persona (not too different from some of his other famous roles) he's probably too old to take this role.

4. Black Bolt, Midnight King of the Inhumans

I'm including this one as a possibility, though it's a role that would, as a cameo, waste a lot of Fillion's characteristic charm and wit, though his chin fits the profile. There's also the issue of Fillion, who isn't quite as fit as he used to be, putting on a second skin and looking the part. I've long thought that this may be the rold that Aaron Echart has teased, but Fillion could do it as well. It's not entirely crazy to think that Black Bolt turns up in the film, but it's a bit of a longshot.

5. Starhawk, a.k.a, "One Who Knows"

This is one role that Fillion would absolutely own. Starhawk is a time-traveling protector of the universe, granted the powers of the Hawk God, stuck in an eternal Groundhog Day scenario: he lives life and then reinhabits his infant body, therefore going through life with the foreknowledge of ALL events, hence the title, "One Who Knows."  Starhawk is a wonderfully weird character, a member of the original 31st century Guardians of the Galaxy team and big player in the Korvac Saga, an story line that the studio may be considering in the future. The downside is that I have absolutely no idea if they have any intentions of including Starhawk or any of the "original" 31st century Guardians in the MCU.

6. Vance Astro, a.k.a., Major Victory

Another member of the 31st century Guardians of Galaxy, Vance Astro is also another character with a complicated time-traveling comic history that led him to also being a part of Peter Quill's Guardians of the Galaxy squad as well. In one of the weirder time-travel continuum paradoxes in history, Vance went into space as part of a NASA mission but was lost for thousands of years. By the time he emerged from his cryogenic sleep, it was the 31st century. There he ran into Yondu and eventually helped found the Guardians of the Galaxy as Major Victory. Later, Astro time-traveled and met up with his younger self and prevented him from entering NASA. While you'd think this would have eliminated the elder Astro, it did not. Instead, it fractured the timeline, giving two separate Astros: the 31st century Major Victory and the 20th/21st century Justice, a member of the New Warriors.

Again, this role would require Fillion to beef up the physique, but it would be an interesting mid or post credits' scene that would open up a different timeline in the MCU and the possibility of time-travel.

7. Wendell Vaughn, Quasar

An eventual Cosmic heavy-hitter, Wendell Vaughn started out as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent before accidentally acquiring the very powerful Quantum Bands that allow the wearer the ability to manipulate energy for nearly unlimited means. Vaughn's Quasar played large roles in some of the large scale Cosmic story lines including the Infinity War, Annihilation and Realm of Kings. What's intriguing about this role, is that Fillion could begin it with a cameo role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and appear again in Guardians of the Galaxy, linking the TV series with yet another MCU film.

Just a fun list meant to generate some speculation and give a little bit of info on some of the more obscure Cosmic characters that Fillion could cameo as in Guardians of the Galaxy, IF he indeed does show up. Chances are, like I said, that Fillion will be NONE of these guys; however, just in case he is, you'll be the "One Who Knows" in your group of friends and can help fill them in! What are your thoughts on who Fillion might be if he does indeed show up in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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