Friday, April 11, 2014

NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Still and Info from James Gunn on the Characters

The great folks over at Guard the Galaxy got their hands on 3 new stills from the upcoming Entertainment Weekly issue feature on Guardians of the Galaxy. The piece also relayed some revealing quotes from director James Gunn about some of the film's main players and where the film fits in the bigger picture of the MCU.

I'll be sure to update the piece when the full article becomes available, but for now here are some tidbits from the director about his team and their place in the MCU:

On Chris Pratt's Peter Quill/Star-Lord:

"he was abducted from Earth (Missouri) at age 8 and raised in a group of thieves and smuggles called the Ravagers. He's good with the ladies and a little bit of a dick and very lucky."

This is a little bit of a change from Quill's comic origin, but it'll work out just fine.he Ravagers are most likely Yondu's group which includes some of the Sakaarans we see alongside Korath in the trailer and in the clip which was released Monday (below). Knowing that Quill was raised around Sakaarans, it adds a little clarity to why he give the Sakaarans working for Korath the "Guys!?" bit when Korath doesn't know who he is...he KNOWS these guys should know him.

On Gamora and Nebula:

"Thanos slaughtered [Gamora's] family and Nebula's, then raised them together as siblings. They were bio engineered to become living weapons, so he's really good at killing people."

Those of you who have read the Guardians of the Galaxy comic prelude will know exactly what Gunn is talking about here. Gamora and Nebula's backstory is fleshed out a bit in the comic and adds some depth to the inevitable confrontation between the two in the film. Nebula will have plenty of reason to hate Gamora and want her dead. It will also serve to make Gamora seem very untrustworthy to Quill and the rest of the Guardians. 

On Drax the Destroyer:

"Drax is a little mysterious in the movie. But we do know that his wife and child were killed by Ronan and he's very singularly focused on revenge."

Again, a bit of a change from the comic book incarnation of Drax, who, along with his family, was murdered by Thanos before being reincarnated by Mentor, Thanos' father, into a powerful body with the singular purpose of killing the Mad Titan.

On Rocket:

"A talking, gun-toting raccoon-like creature-and another product of bioengineering. For me, it's not Bugs Bunny in the middle of the Avengers. It's this little gnarled, creepy beast who is very sad and alone."

For fans of the comics, Rocket's past sounds very familiar. We've still not really gotten a good feeling for Rocket or his buddy Groot, something I imagine will be remedied a bit in the next trailer.

On Groot:

"He's very innocent. He just wants to be liked by Rocket and do the right thing."

Gunn also mentioned that Thanos, who he referred to as the "head of the snake", will be motion caputred and not a live actor. In line with that comment, Gunn also assured readers that his Guardians of the Galaxy film is "definitely connected to Avengers 3." Nothing life-altering here, but it's clear Marvel is doing a wonderful job spreading the word and building anticipation for this film. Check out the 3 news stills below from the EW article and keep checking back for updates!

Source: and Guard the Galaxy