Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CaptainHulk's Introductory Post

Meet Captain Hulk, Comic Book Brain Splatter's new contributor, who will be focusing on the new series, 24: Live Another Day and all things 24/CTU/Jack Bauer related!

           Hey what up Brain Splatter Universe. It's the CaptainHULK here! This will be my first official article, But first I need to shower some praise on the people who helped HULK & Inspired HULK to start writing articles. Mr. Peace you do great work & I talk you up enough so let's spread the love around for now. Huge shoutouts got out to the CBM editors, mainly @Marvel_Freshman for his non stop coverage of everything Marvel connected. I'm also a big fan of @KnightGambit over at @SuperheroMNews whose account has kept us all connected to everything from A to Z! Thanks guys......NO BS, We all really enjoy your work! Now on to the real writing star ....... the Captain!!! Just kidding!

 My contribution to the Splatter will focus mainly on the further adventures of Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day! Just as the the title says Jack has been able to live through Presidential Assinations, Nuclear Bombs (plural), Biological attacks (plural) and just about everything in between. How can one man survive so much death, destruction, and crazy love interests........ Simple he's Jack Bauer enough said!!! But who knows what this season could bring? I'm sure death will be in the shadows lurking with every tick of the clock but could this be the last day for Mr Bauer??? Will Charles Logan ever get what's coming to him? Will Tony return? Will Kim ever find a stable life while visiting her dad? We shall see very soon? 24: Live Another Day starts May 5th & as always count on the Splatter to cover all the 24 news you can handle. If I may give a small forcast for this season my guess would be this...... "Yes there will be blood" You can count on it!!!!!! Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock........ HULK OUT!

ps: HULK welcomes criticism! Make HULK better!!!