Monday, April 28, 2014

Is Arrow Mining the Comics Yet Again for...Oliver's Son?

Last week's Arrow saw Oliver Queen lose one member of his family, but it also showed us that there is another member of the Queen family. Interestingly enough, this subplot may actually be tied to one directly from the comics.
While Moira Queen's death was the most memorable moment of last week's show, we can't forget the revelation that Oliver fathered a child. While it played nicely as another reminder of how far Moira would go to do what she believed best for her children, no matter the consequences, it's hard to believe that's the last we'll see of the mother or her child. In fact, I'd say that there are pretty good odds we'll see the mother, played by Anna Hopkins, again before long and I won't be surprised if she's toting around an angry pre-teen when we do.

While the writers of Arrow often take a lot of liberties with the events of the show, they've proven very resourceful in mining the books for their characters and subplots. It's possible that last week was the introduction of some other characters straight from the comics: Sandra Hawke and her son, Connor Hawke, Oliver Queen's bastard son.

Oliver Queen is a notorious ladies' man and Sandra Moonday Hawke was one of his flings. During their short relationship, Sandra told Oliver she was pregnant. Oliver refused to believe Sandra and payed her to disappear. Oliver did visit Sandra in the hospital after returning from his accident and saw his son, Connor, but never had a relationship with the boy, but continued to make sure Sandra had enough money to raise him well. Sandra moved one, eventually marrying arms dealer Milo Armitage, who we've seen in the show. Connor, on the other hand, grew up knowing of his father's identity as the Green Arrow and, eventually, met his father and became his sidekick for some time before replacing him as the Green Arrow after Oliver's death.

So, while the fact that Oliver had a son was a shocking reveal that was lost with the subsequent passing of his mother, it is something straight from the source material. We have no idea if Anna Hopkins will return or if she is going to fill the role of Sandra. Her character for last week's episode was simply, "Mother." However, if she does return and you see Connor Hawke running around in the future, remember where you heard it first.