Tuesday, April 15, 2014

24: Live Another Day Returning Cast (Possible Spoilers)

Well by now we all know that ......... #JackIsBack & that he lives in London. But what about the rest of the cast, lets take a look at what everyone has been up to since we last saw some of our 24 favs. Find out after the jump.....
1) Chloe O'Brian - Mary Lynn Rajskub

Ever since her first appearance in Season 3 she has always been Jacks loyal confidante, getting arrested & demoted down the CTU pay scale numerous times. Chloe has proved herself 100% loyal to Jack and was the only still connected to Jack at the end of Season 8. Chloe has put career, family, & even personal risk on the line to help Jack save the government & country from falling to terrorists. But what could she be up to now? Chloe was last seen as Interim CTU Director. In an extended scene of the season 8 DVD, she is seen being arrested by the FBI in her home for helping Jack escape the authorities. O'Brian is now working underground with high-profile hacker Adrian Cross. Sounds like to me she is going old school underground counter terrorism style. Does anyone remember Chloe & the gun??? 

Hopefully the writers remember this little nugget & are changing her character from the exceptional quirky computer genius too ......the exceptional quirky computer genius that is now a hardened gun carrying hacker! We will check back after the the first few hours to see if this thread could be coming to light?

2) Audrey Rains - Kim Raver

Aubrey know works for her father and is married to his Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau.

Jack Bauer & Aubrey Rains Shakespearean-esque love story  is one of the great triumphs of the 24 show writers. A high octane trill ride drama that prides itself on changing the game with some heart. No other ticks from the clock have been as an important to the core essence of the character than Aubrey & Jack scenes! She brings Jack emotionally all the way back to Season 1 when a then married Jack Bauer would have to endure a life gutting experience!!! Aubrey grounds Jacks character & is the one memory that he holds onto while in Chinese captivity. And as most of us all of know though Season 4, 5, & 6 she has become a favorite among the fans. Her story last time did leave some unanswered questions & feeling left unfinished when we last time saw her in a catatonic state. While her dad (then) Sec. of defense James Heller, (now) President of the United States James Heller was confronting Jack about all of the death that surrounds him! The first time Jack & Aubrey meet face to face in this new Season 24: Live Another day I........ GUARANTEE you will be able to hear a pin drop nationwide! Their love story is that intense!

3) President James Heller - William Devane

A former Sec. of Defense in Season 4 James Heller has always been a good supporting character, he's shot a guns, went toe-toe with HATED President Logan & even drove off a cliff in his car while in pursuit of terrorists. Actually that last part happened under the direction of (then) President Charles Logan so they may not have technically terrorist but you get the picture! In the show 24 bad guys can be anyone so their is always room for character development . But what makes this such an interesting casting choice (A) James Heller is the President in the 24 Universe (B) Potential drama with one Mr. Jack Bauer. This could setup a some for great intense drama when all parties get on screen.

4) Rumor : Kim Bauer - Elisha Cuthbert

Could Kim Bauer return to 24: Live Another Day? Only time will tell but with the change in this seasons format there could be room for a off camera flight from the US to London. To be continued..........

5) Rumor: Tony Almeida - Carlos Bernard

Sorry I had to use the coffee cup image its almost as synonymous with 24 as Tony Almeida is. Its what comic book fans call an Easter Egg, showing up more than once in the shows run. Its always in Tony's possession, it just may or may not have coffee in it! Tony is about as essential to 24 as Jack is. Dating all they way back to Season 1 Tony has almost cult like following. His following was so great that after an epic death scene Season 5, the character was written back into the fold as the main antagonist for Season 7 & as we last saw him talking with Jack in front of the Capital Building in Washington DC....... Tony will always have Jacks back!!!

Be ready as the clock starts on a Special Television Event when 24: Live Another Day returns Monday May 5th 8/7ct.on Fox.