Saturday, March 22, 2014

Avengers: Age of Ultron Begins Filming in Italy

While some of the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron are making the rounds on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier promo tour, a few key cast members are filming in the Aosta Valley in Italy.

Italian site has been kind enough to snap some great set pics of the filming being done at the Fort of Bard. It's long been assumed that the Fort will feature in the film's opening as it's believed to be Baron von Strucker's HQ and the holding place for the Maximoff twins. Rumors have the film opening with Hawkeye springing the twins from their cages and the filming being done does nothing to discount that rumore just yet. AostaSera reports that Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are all in town and involved in the filming. The set pics below show the beautiful scenery around the amazing Fort of Bard and what are likely some HYDRA goons defending the Fort. What's interesting is that they are shooting UP indicating that Renner's Hawkeye is either piloting something cool or is not going to be alone.

AostaSera also reported on the construction of what appears to be a large military transport set that will be involved in the next few days. Another Italian website, Cinefilos, was able to capture quite a few pics of the ongoing construction of that set.

CineFilos also mentions that Scarlett Johansson is scheduled to arrive in Italy soon in order to film her scenes.

AostaSera's Facebook page is full of other set photos that show the town being remade into something a little more Eastern European. The writing on the storefronts is in Serbian and there are signs posted filling the local residents in on the upcoming shooting schedule. I'm assuming that once the twins escape, they'll be heading into this town either by chase or by choice.

AostaSera's Facebook page also recently updated with some new pictures of that same set we saw above with some green screen work being done to it and, most noticeably, some damage done to a handful of vehicles and an overturned bus.

Both sites mention the upcoming "earthquake" set to rock the sets and the entire town in the near future.

Though filming has just begun, we've already got a developing picture of the film. The scenes being filmed now are likely going to take place near the film's opening. It would seem Black Widow and Hawkeye (and possibly a few other heroes as it's rumored that Robert Downey, Jr. is also headed the area) storm von Stucker's lair and free the twins. We know that much of the filming in South Korea is going to involve Ultron attacking the city and looking to upgrade his tech. It's also looking more and more like the filming done in South Africa will be used in the film's 2nd or 3rd act and will involve Stark and Banner, who were developing a great friendship when we last saw them, going toe-to-toe and the battle may end in Banner/Hulk taking a trip to deep space.

With filming just underway, I'm sure we'll have a steady stream of set pics over the next couple of months and get some great looks at the cast. It's just over a year away, but I can't stop being excited!