Monday, February 17, 2014

USA Today Delivers New Guardians of the Galaxy Pictures, Gives New Info on the Film UPDATED IN HI RES

Ahead of tomorrow's first official Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, the USA Today has given us a glimpse at some stills from the film and gives some nice insight into what we can expect when it hits theaters this summer.

The article at USA Today does give us some confirmation of a few things. We know that Chris Pratt's Star-Lord is in possession of an "orb" which is clearly another Infinity Stone and that is going to be the catalyst of the plot. The article mentions that the film's villains, Ronan and Nebula, will be in pursuit of the Star-Lord's "orb."

We also get confirmation that the longtime comic base of the group, Knowhere, will also appear in the film. After this weekend's Toy Fair it was pretty clear that it was going to happen, but odds are we will at least get a glimpse of Knowhere in the trailer. For those who aren't 100% clear, Knowhere is the decapitated head of a Celestial, one of the oldest and most powerful races in the Marvel universe, that has become a place of refuge for all sorts of different types.

Finally, the article confirms something I mentioned here a while back after talking to Hit Fix's Drew McWeeney. The USA Today mentions that upon the group leaving the space prison called the Kyln, they will head to see the Collector (first glimpsed in the mid-credit sequence of Thor: The Dark World). It's been my conclusion for a long time, and Drew seemingly backed this up, that the team will be going to extract Adam Warlock from the Collector's space museum. I've taken A LOT of heat over that one, so I'm really eager to see it on screen.

And, after a week's worth of speculation, it is now official that we will get our first look at the trailer tomorrow night at 11:35 on Jimmy Kimmel Live.