Wednesday, February 5, 2014

REVEIW: Arrow, Episode 2.12, "Tremors"

This week's "Tremors" continues multiple story lines, some more than pleasing, others necessary but nonetheless hard to watch. We see the Arrow step forward and acknowledge Roy, his new abilities, and the damaged they've done so far, while in the meantime, Bronze Tiger (Spawn's Michael Jae White) breaks out of prison and steals Malcolm Merlyn's earthquake machine with the intentions of selling it to the highest bidder, but of course our favorite now masked vigilante creates a few bumps in the road. And for the more difficult moments to watch, we witness even more tention between Laurel and her father as he tries to face her substance abuse, trying to force her to do the same.  

As Oliver struggles throughout the episode to train Roy, Roy struggles with controlling his abilities and even his emotions, with Thea becoming a complication and Roy looking more and more like Slade. But as the episode progresses, secrets are revealed, and Bronze Tiger's agenda reaches it's climax, Roy rediscovers the purpose he's been searching for and exactly what he needs to gain control. 

While Laurel stumbles into her apartment in a haze, she receives an unexpected visit from Sarah just before passing out, and Bronze Tiger receives a visit from the one and only Amanda Waller, who briefly mentions him working off his sentence an alternative way as a member of a "squad" she's organizing. While my knowledge of the Suicide Squad is limited to the few issues I've read only because of Harley Quinn's involvement, I'm left assuming it's just that, while wildly anticipating what other characters we'll find recruited, and as usual, hopelessly waiting to see Harley Quinn. The last time we saw Harley Quinn in live action, I was around 10 years old and Birds of Prey was circling the drain on the WB, but that's a different story...

As they have since the beginning, the writer's of Arrow have been constantly building plot after plot the best comic book television we have yet to see, with almost as many running story lines as DC comics themselves. At least in Arrow's case, we can follow of them with dying from the Grant Morrison mind meld. And with this season half over, I'm already dreading the end, but until then #AmellWednesdays