Saturday, February 8, 2014

Could Evangeline Lilly Join the MCU as Jessica Jones?

When it was announced earlier this week that Evangline Lilly was in negotiations to join the cast of Ant-Man, the easy assumption was that she would be taking the role of Janet van Dyne, aka, the Wasp. While I agree that's the most logical conclusion to draw, it's not the only one...
As it stands now, the role for which Lilly is in negotiations was described as simply "the female lead." The lack of clarity about that is eye-catching. We were all caught in the same type of speculation when Paul Rudd was cast in the film. While most everyone assumed Rudd would be Hank Pym, it was later revealed that he would be Scott Lang. It is Rudd's role as Lang that has gotten me thinking about just who Lilly might be playing.

Evangeline Lilly is a wonderful actress and I love everything about her involvement in the MCU. She would make a great Wasp; however, I just can't accept that Marvel is making an Ant-Man movie and completely removing the dynamic between Hank and Jan. In some respects, I expect that, at some point, Marvel will cast an actress nearer in age to Michael Douglas's Pym. I'm just not able to wrap my mind around having Janet/The Wasp not be romantically involved with Pym and instead be involved with Lang...I just can't do it!!!

To that end, I began questioning who the "female lead" of Ant-Man would be if it's someone we are to see romantically involved with Scott Lang and came to one logical conclusion: Jessica Jones. Jones and Lang did have a relationship in Brian Michael Bendis' Alias and, for a lot of reasons, casting Lilly as Jones could really pay off down the line. Jessica Jones will headline one of Marvel's four 13-episode series on Netflix and possibly appear regularly in each of the other series leading up to The Defenders. While I'm sure a few of you out there are saying no way, there's been absolutely nothing out of Marvel to make us believe that characters from The Defenders cannot be a part of the films and it would be a tremendous way to introduce the little known character of Jessica Jones to the masses and would almost certainly boost viewership of the show. 

Jones could fit into Ant-Man either as her super-powered alias, Jewel, or just as Jessica Jones, P.I. Lilly can do action, there's no doubt, and would be the perfect fit for Marvel to cross between film and the Netflix medium. People know and recognize her, especially hardcore nerds, and she really does fit the profile for Jessica Jones. Melissa Rosenberg, who will write the Jessica Jones show for Marvel, has described the series as "edgy and gritty" and Lilly's portrayal of Kate on ABC's Lost will have been a nice warm up for that. 

As far as reasoning goes, I'm open to possibilities until I find out they aren't possible. Lilly may not even sign a contract and, if she does, it may well be for the role of Janet van Dyne and I'll have to struggle to accept a huge change to two original Avengers. However, at this point, it's equally possible that she's playing Jones or any number of other Marvel characters or even an entirely new character created by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. Only one thing is clear: the role for which she is rumored to be in negotiations is the "female lead" of the film. Until that role is specified, I'm not going to rule out the possibility that it might be Jessica Jones.

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