Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thor: The Dark World Concept Art Shows Some Characters of Interest

Artist Josh Nizzi, who has worked on concept art for several Marvel movies including Iron Man 3 and The Avengers, has released a batch of concept sketches he did for Thor: The Dark World which reveal some very interesting characters that were considered for the film.

While many of these characters seem to have been designed to be a part of the Marauders, the rough assemblage of beings Thor and the Warriors Three were fighting at the beginning of the film, some of them have connections to some of Marvel's more famous characters.

This Korbinite Marauder may not be familiar to you, but his species, which was wiped out by two separate attacks from Surtur and Galactus, should ring a bell. The few survivors of the first Korbinite massacre chose a champion to protect them and them to a new home. Their champion was Beta Ray Bill, a fan favorite and a character who may appear to assist Thor if the third outing for the God of Thunder includes Surtur, the fire-demon as many expect.

Another familiar face among the unused art is that of Mangog. Mangog was an ancient enemy of Odin, long imprisoned under the halls of Asgard before being freed on several occasions and trying to end the world. Mangog was always thrown a good beatin' by Thor, even when he allied himself with Thanos, The Mad Titan.

Possibly the most recognizable character from the group is labeled simply as "Oldstrong Marauder" and "Oldstrong Misfit" but is clearly Caiera the Oldstrong of the Shadow People, the eventual wife of Hulk in the Planet Hulk story line.

The next character while not specifically from the comics, likely pays homage to another member of the warbound from Planet Hulk. One of the red-skinned beings from the planet Sakarr, Elloe Kaifi fought alongside the Hulk against the Red King after the death of her father. The character below could easily be one of her relatives or just inspired by her.

And we also have concept art for Durok. Durok the Demolisher was created by Karnilla for the sole purpose of killing Thor.

There are also sketches for a Taurian, a race of people whose planet was destroyed by Galactus, and a Deonist, one of which was a Thor foe named Kr'll, the last of his kind who becomes the Soul-Eater and, I believe a Rigellian, which is on the sketch labeled "Colonizer Misfit."

Nizzi also give a few great sketches of Valkyrie, which I assume would have been Brunnhilde and not just a valkyrie from Norse mythology. Here's a look at my favorite of those sketches:

While there's plenty of room to speculate about Beta Ray Bill, Caiera and a Kaifi and there connection to the rumored Planet Hulk film, the art itself is just worth a look. Certainly head over to and check out the rest and his other work. Clearly a talented artist and one of Marvel's go to guys, he did an amazing job with these sketches!

Source: Unleash the Fanboy