Friday, January 31, 2014

REVIEW: Arrow, Season 2, Episode 2.11, "Blind Spot"

This episode of Arrow lays the heartbreak on thick with Laurel's recent activities being revealed while the Arrow assists her in procuring a file on Sebastian Blood, having convinced him that Blood is not who he claims to be, and Oliver realizing where his "Blind Spot" truly lies. Not only do we see a moping Oliver during the conclusion of the episode, but a heart-wrenching scene between father and daughter duo Laurel and Detective Lance as he confronts her about her developed drug habit, addressing that substance abuse runs in the family.

Aside from Oliver and Laurel's rocky love story, her disappointed father, and her integrity receiving several punches in the gut, we do get to see Roy testing out his new abilities while enlisting help from his partner in crime, Sin, but his new abilities prove to be more of a curse than a blessing and far from controllable. Despite the negative effects of this bump in the road, it looks to be another stepping stone into side-kick-dome for Roy, and that's always a plus!

Drama aside, this seasons current plots are still going strong. Thankfully, this week we witness how second-rate Brother Blood truly is and who is really in charge, not that I advocate any of the villains, but Brother Blood definitely isn't one of my personal favorites. To really believe in our hero, we need to see a worthy opponent take him on, and Blood is not that villain.

While "Blind Spot" left me feeling sad for some of our main characters, as usual, Arrow delivered another great episode in fine fashion, leaving me anxiously awaiting the next one. I can't imagine a day where I say an episode was anything but great, but let's hope it doesn't get there! I'd rather not experience the Smallville affect, may it rest in peace, with Arrow. And that's a wrap, kids!