Thursday, January 9, 2014

Marvel's All Hail the King One-Shot Will Feature the Return of Trevor Slattery

Marvel's One-Shots have continually improved both in quality and content. It seems that their latest, All Hail the King, is set to continue that trend as it brings Sir Ben Kingsley's controversial Mandarin/Trevor Slattery back to the MCU!
Entertainment Weekly, in an interview with Iron Man 3 co-writer Drew Pearce and Sir Ben Kingsley, revealed that the much discussed new Marvel One-Shot, All Hail the King, would indeed follow the post-Iron Man 3 exploits of Trevor Slattery

The One-Shot will pick up immediately following the events of Iron Man 3 and find Slattery in Seagate, aka Little Alcatraz, serving his time for the crimes he committed while working for AIM and Aldrich Killian. It seems that is role as The Mandarin attracted the attention of the real Ten Rings organization and that they may be none too happy about it. 

The article puts an end to speculation that the One-Shot would follow Loki as the King of Asgard, an idea that I thought was nicely dissected ahead of time by several different sites. The article also speculates that the One-Shot may be working as a prologue to a future MCU film, indicating that, in time, the actual leader of the Ten Rings organization may take the stage! I loved the character of Trevor and am really looking forward to this One-Shot when I pick up Thor: The Dark World via digital download on February 4th (you can order it here from Amazon for only $14.99!!! Thor: The Dark World (Plus Bonus Features))