Friday, January 24, 2014

Marvel TV Round-up: Deathlok, Lorelei and a New Series

Yesterday gave us quite a bit of Marvel TV news. After the jump you can find it all in one place.

After being bashed for its slow start, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has begun to pick up a little steam with viewers of later after several episodes that began to deliver on some of the promises that seemed inherent to the show. We've heard talk for some time now that that studio planned to bring "more Marvel" to the series and it seems that beginning on February 4th, they'll do just that.

At the end of the January 7th episode, "The Magical Place", fans saw J. August Richard's Mike Peterson in bad shape and watched it get worse. Having survived the blast from the previous episode, Peterson awoke to find himself missing part of his leg and badly burned and scarred. He also came to realize that he had an implant put into his eye, similar to the implant first seen in the episode "Eye Spy." As the episode came to a close, Peterson was greeted by his yet unknown controllers.

Most hardcore Marvel fans made the assumption that Peterson was on the verge of becoming the MCU's version of Deathlok, a cyborg that's about to celebrate his 40th anniversary in the comics. Marvel had a Deathlok project in the works for years and it was clear they wanted to find someway to fit him into the MCU; his technological origins fit the MCU profile. Yesterday, Richard's took to Twitter to tell fan they were right:

While we're not going to see a direct adaptation of any of the men who became Deathlok in the comics, we can expect to see Mike Peterson doing some damage while being controlled by someone else. The only question is, who is doing the controlling? With all the double-crossing and manipulating that's happening behind the scenes at S.H.I.E.L.D., don't be surprised to find out that Deathlok and possibly the Clairvoyant are S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives.

We found out last week that the February 18th episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will feature Asgardian Lady Sif making a visit to Midgard. Yesterday, it was revealed that the Asgardian warrior is coming on business as she will be pursuing fellow Asgardian, Lorelei, played by Elena Satine. Lorelei is the sister of the Enchantress, a sorceress and one of Thor's long time antagonists. Lorelei is plenty dangerous in her own right and her beauty has sewn seeds of discord between men on several occasions. It's safe to think of her as an Asgardian Helen of Troy in some respects. While Lorelei may not be a household name to many, she was a staple of legendary writer Walter Simonson's run on Thor and her inclusion in the MCU may foreshadow the eventual introduction of her sister.

Finally, a report over at Comic Book Movie mentions that Marvel and ABC are set to begin principal photography in Vancouver by June on an as yet unannounced TV series. While there's almost no information about the series, which was given the production name "That Old Chestnut", it's easy to speculate that it is Agent Carter, a series that Marvel has been developing for some time now and was recently given showrunners. The report does mention that the budget is much higher than that of a standard ABC series and that the studio has already begun to hire crew members.

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