Sunday, January 12, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy News Round-Up

Hit the jump to get a glimpse at some official merchandise and some opinions about the film from Vin Diesel, Kevin Feige and more...

With the calendar flipping to 2014 we are now just 7 months away from Marvel's biggest leap of faith since they dove head first into films with Iron Man in 2008. Guardians of the Galaxy has already been compared to the first installment in the MCU, both for general audiences relative unfamiliarity with the characters and for the risk involved in making it. Marvel Studios' head cheese, Kevin Feige, spoke recently with SFX Magazine about that very topic when asked if he was nervous about the success of the upcoming film, helmed by James Gunn:

"Not really, because we believe in them. And not only in the way they've been portrayed in the comic books over the years, but also in the new ideas that we have to bring them to the screen. There's definitely a comparison to be made between Iron Man & Guardians of the Galaxy because it's easy to forget that Iron Man was not well known when the first film came out. Back then I had to spend a lot of time explaining to people that Iron Man is not a robot and he's actually a person and a scientist, who builds this suit. He doesn't fly like Superman, he has to obey the laws of physics. Likewise with Guardians of the Galaxy; it's based on a comic that has a certain following but nobody should feel bad if they've never heard of it because we're expecting that most people haven't."
While there is certainly some risk here for Marvel to push out a product that many people won't recognize, the studio has certainly constructed a huge safety net with all of their other box office successes and, at this point, any film that says Marvel is going to do well. I have a feeling that while it may not have a huge opening weekend, the film will see a surge upon word of mouth and critic's reviews and will do quite well and I'm not the only one.

Actor Vin Diesel, who will be providing the voice of Groot, one of the film's central characters, believes that the film is set to be one of Marvel's best. Diesel had the following to say on his Facebook page after getting a chance to see parts of the film during one of his recording sessions: "This summer's Guardians of the Galaxy, is not only going to blow you away, it could very well break Marvel records. Grateful for the opportunity to make magic."

Diesel's comments add to the growing sense that the film will be another in Marvel's line of successful films. It does sound, however, that this film is destined to stand out as director James Gunn, known for his unique vision, has definitely put his stamp on Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel production executive Jonathan Schwartz also spoke with SFX Magazine about the film and Gunn's influence:
"When James Gunn came aboard he brought a completely unique visual sensibility to it, harkening back to pulpy '50s science fiction. One of the things that he mentioned in his original pitch was that science fiction as we understand it has become greyer and sleeker and blacker and darker, this kind of Blade Runner world. We all love Blade Runner but that's not all that science fiction can be, so the world that you're going to see in Guardians of the Galaxy is colorful and bright and pulpy, but it's also lived-in and gounded. And finding the balance between those two things is what's driving a lot of this universe."

Of course we've had a glimpse of Gunn's vision already as he directed the mid-credits scene of Thor: The Dark World which gave us our first look at The Collector. It's been rumored that the scene, which definitely had a different vibe to it, is a good representation of exactly the fun type of feel Gunn was hoping for in the film.

While we will likely have to wait until the theatrical release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier to get a better feel for the film and its characters through a trailer, we do have some new images of the central team courtesy License Mag via the efforts of DCMarvelFreshman

Zak Designs, who clearly have a deal in place with Marvel to make fancy drinkware, provided the images which are reminiscent of the following banner found last year which was, at the time, presumed to be fan-made but is clearly the real deal and gives us a nice look at the Guardians:

While the image gives us a nice look at each member of the team, it also puts a blue orb, likely another Infinity Stone, front and center. We've had confirmation for some time that Guardians of the Galaxy would add another stone to the mix and further the Infinity story line that is ultimately going to tie all the MCU films together and now we get a glimpse of what is likely the third Infinity Stone. 

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy hits U.S. theaters on August 1, 2014.