Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Doom: Trank's Fantastic Four Reboot Regains Steam

With screenplay rewrites by Simon Kinberg complete, it looks as though Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four, to be directed by Josh Trank, is set to move forward.

If you've been to the site more than once, you've probably come across a rant of mine about how I want Fox's The Fantastic Four reboot to go under so that the film rights could revert back to Marvel. I'm not alone in this crusade, so it seems that I won't be the only one disappointed when the film gets made.

Variety is reporting that Simon Kinberg, who Fox has hired to shepherd the stories of their comic book films, has completed a rewrite of the script and that actors will screen test for the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm by the end of January. Actor Michael B. Jordan, who will play The Human Torch/Johnny Storm, is rumored to be the only member of the cast at this time.

I'm not Reed Richards!!
Game of Thronesers Kit Harrington and Richard Madden are expected to read for the part of Reed Richards, a part long thought to eventually go to Miles Teller (Footloose, Whiplash) who recently revealed he will be auditioning before the end of the month. While all 3 are fine young actors and Teller is apparently a hot commodity, none of them scream Reed Richards to me. Madden, while not an ideal Richards, would make one hell of choice when they cast the Willem Dafoe biopic. Harrington is one of the best parts of Game of Thrones, but he doesn't even remotely resemble Richards, but what do I know.

Variety also reports that Saoirse Ronan and Kate Mara are in line to read for the role of Sue Storm., the Invisible Woman, and either of them are better choices for the role than Jessica Alba, who filled it in the first two abominations films. Mara is sexy and cute and funny, I could at least stand watching her in the film. Ronan is in the mix for literally every female role in Hollywood at the moment.

Jordan, who is rumored to be reading with the candidates to ensure good chemistry, recently visited the David Letterman show and was asked about the rumors of him playing the Human Torch in the upcoming reboot.

While Jordan is clearly playing coy here, he does mention that the project is yet to be greenlit and that is my only hope to which I can cling.

I've lost all interest in this project outside of the possibility of it failing. I can't see the film, with its rumored synopsis, being a good adaptation of the comic book Fantastic Four. They are, at their core, a family of scientists and explorers, not weapons. And while I'm a strong advocate of studios putting minority heroes in to comic book movies, I've said before I don't think that the best way to do it is by changing the race of an existing character when there are SO MANY awesome minority characters stuck on the sidelines. At this point, I'm much more interested in the upcoming relaunch of the comic book than I am with anything to do with this film.

Source: Variety