Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Casting Rumors Fly as Marvel Makes Phase 3 Decisions

While yesterday's news was dominated by Johnny Depp's potential involvement in Doctor Strange, today brings another round of rumors centering on names of interest as Marvel hones in on their upcoming Phase 3 films.

It's been a busy week for Marvel with the addition of Michael Douglas as Hank Pym in Ant-Man (which raised several more questions about the film) and the rumored involvement of Michael Pena as a villain in the piece. Things don't seem to be slowing down for the studio anytime soon though, as today saw Thomas Kretschmann join the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron as HYDRA leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker with rumors of further, spoileriffic casting to come for the 2015 sequel.

The biggest buzz of the week, however, came from Latino-Review's scoop that megastar Johnny Depp met with Marvel about joining the MCU as Doctor Strange, rumored to be a central character in the studio's Phase 3 plans. The story dominated nerdom on the internet and ignited some tough-guy antics on Twitter as denials and refusals and such flew throughout the day. While there was no claim made that Depp was cast in the role, it does seem that, at some point, Depp did take a meeting with Marvel, though it seems nothing came of it.

What does seem to be happening, however, is that Marvel is finalizing its Phase 3 slate and beginning to look at actors to fill roles that while unknown to us, are NOT unknown to the studio. With the Depp story hitting big yesterday and Doctor Strange a hot topic, it wasn't surprising to have more gas thrown on the fire today. Billy the Kidd at This is Infamous, who relayed the information about Pena's potential role in Ant-Man, delivered his blow today when he reported that his sources have relayed to him that 42-year old actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men) was THE favorite to land the role of Sorcerer Supreme. The same story also listed Timothy Olyphant, my personal choice, as another potential candidate for Strange should Hamm not take the role. The Hamm rumor was also mentioned over at The Daily Superhero, a site that has been right in the past.

The Daily Superhero's source also relayed to them that Mila Kunis (you clearly know who she is) is also on Marvel's radar for a Phase 3 film, though their source did not give potential roles. Kunis could hold down an action role and, if the rumors are true, could be expected to fill out a role that would see her return to the MCU on multiple occasions.

While these are just rumors and I'll wait for a trade to verify them before I do much more with them, it's a fun time of year when CBM rumors fly. Marvel does have two films going before camera soon and several more in development so it's not unusual that they have had meetings with or are contemplating the names of these actors and many, many more.

What are your thoughts on Hamm as Strange? Where do you see Kunis fitting in to the MCU, if at all? Sound off like you've got a pair!!! :)