Tuesday, December 3, 2013

X-Force Creator Robert Liefeld Calls Film Script "Beyond Impressive"

One of the coolest things in the world now is writing stories based solely on Tweets. There's no real news to report...you read some Tweets and make a story that says whatever you want it to say.  Poetic license or something. Anyway...

Earlier this year we learned that an X-Force film was in the cards at FOX and ever since, the creator of the comic, Robert Liefeld, has taken to Twitter with his thoughts on the film. X-Force, for those of you who aren't quite sure, is an X-Men spin-off involving a different cast of mutants from those you're likely familiar with from the X-films.  Like many superhero teams, the X-Force roster varies frequently and the film's writer, JeffWadlow, has said his script has a 5-man team which will include fan favorites Cable and Deadpool, leaving room for 3 other members.

Today, Liefeld, via Twitter, has let the world know that not only is the X-Force film in production but that the script, by Jeff Wadlow, is going to make fans of the title very happy.  Liefeld also gives mention to the Deadpool film which has been stuck in development hell FOREVER and echoes the recent sentiments that the film will be made soon.  Below is a collection of Tweets by Liefeld from throughout the day:

There are plenty more Tweets by Liefeld and they are all very positive endorsements of the direction Jeff Wadlow's script is headed. This is the kind of move FOX needs to make with their X-verse. Not all of the X-Men films have been good but, with Jackman around, have made money. You can bet your butt that Wolverine, a one-time member of X-Force, will make some sort of appearance in an X-Force film, cementing the potential franchise for FOX.

Admittedly I'm not a huge X-Force fan only because I've never read many of the books. I will, however, be trying to catch up soon.  What do you X-Force fans out there think about this film and the support by X-Force creator Liefeld?