Wednesday, December 11, 2013

REVIEW: Arrow, Episode 2.09, "Three Ghosts"

While my comments on Arrow are becoming somewhat redundant, Arrow is anything but. As far as my opinions go, not only am I a pretty hardcore comic fan, but by far a DC girl, watching the first show to seriously do everything right. You may disagree, but Arrow's success doesn't. While last week's episode ended with a seriously injured Oliver and Felicity revealing his identity to our favorite new addition, Barry Allen, you can pretty figure out on your own how this week's episode began: Oliver really pissed off.

This week's episode was incredibly fast paced and was so jammed packed with story that I'm still trying to figure out how they fit it all in successfully. I can only imagine what was cut. As I've said before, I often struggle my way through the flashbacks but this week's were quick and painful (for some characters), and more than necessary, especially in the last five minutes.

While Brother Blood's plot grows massively, it's increased even more with the addition of another character who's missed Ollie just a little too much. And while all of this was exciting, I was a little preoccupied (or completely tangled up in) the developing dynamics amongst the baby justice league. As a lifetime fan of top tier DC Comics characters, I cannot communicate the ecstasy I find in watching them come to life. Having watched Grant Gustin perform as a completely different character in Glee, I'm taken away by his performance and interpretation of Barry Allen. He is literally a breath of fresh air (not that I needed it, don't get me wrong) and after two episodes, even after one, I have zero doubt that he can carry his own as a leading character.

While I could talk for hours about tonight's episode, I believe the only way it can be done justice is through experiencing yourself, and with I will part with two comments. All those small things that feel so huge that you wait seemingly lifetimes for during the incarnation of the character you love so much, two of those things will happened in this episode. One with Oliver. One with Barry. I screamed through them both because I am girl and it's what we do. Irregardless, tonight's episode should not sit unwatched on your Tivo for the next two weeks, or until the Tuesday before it's return in January. It should sit there for months while you watch it again and again because this episode is spectacular and I'm certain I'll tell my children of it.