Wednesday, December 4, 2013

REVIEW: Arrow, Episode 2.08, "The Scientist"

Clearly this week's episode of Arrow was highly anticipated, and with good reason. It was quite flashy. Really, puns and all, and I loved it! Where is this unusually high love for Barry Allen coming from? I'm not quite sure; perhaps it's the adorable Grant Gustin who has delivered us with such an amazing debut, or the fact that I believe Arrow delivers everything my nerdy heart longs for and will continue to do so, so that I can remain worry free as I kick back in my Batman onesie, who knows. All I really know is that I absolutely love this show, and while other cliffhangers may have been more dramatic and plot-filled, since obviously Oliver isn’t going to die, this episode’s cliff-hanger just killed me.

Now that I’m done rambling about how much I love this show, which we all already know, we can hit up the gritty details. Personally, I’m not too familiar with Barry Allen as lone character. I haven’t seen too much of him outside of the Justice League. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Grant Gustin’s portrayal of him. Just from following him on twitter and Instagram, he’s clearly read more Flash comics than I have, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just say it was great and I loved it. I cannot express the excitement that resides in me just from watching tonight’s episode for the future of this character and his gray converse, which I thought were an excellent touch by the way.

As usual, I don’t want to give too much, but we are informed of a curious situation that involved a preteen Barry landing 20 blocks away from where he was, in a ‘flash’, after a high intensity situation. Taking into consideration the Flash’s origin story, this clearly doesn’t fall in line. However, when were first introduced to the idea of the Flash debuting on Arrow, WB reps said he wouldn’t have abilities at all, and after following Smallville for literally half my life, there is no telling what will be done with his origin story. While there were a couple of bones thrown to the origin story that I’m familiar with, nothing actually takes place. I did however need eye-drops from how widely I opened my eyes and the length of time from which I ceased to blink.

The rest of the episode included the usual, flash backs, some more Brother Blood moments (which unfortunately I’m not familiarly with at all), threats from the returned Malcolm Merlin, and our baby Red Hood working on some of his cases. If I haven’t said this already, if you aren’t watching Arrow, you should rethink your entire life because clearly you have judgment problems.