Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Paul Rudd Takes the Lead in Marvel Studio's Ant-Man

In a story that's been expected for some time now despite denials by all parties, Jeff Sneider is reporting that Paul Rudd has entered into negotiations and will play Hank Pym in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man.

Brain Splatter readers will recall that Rudd's name, along with Joseph Gordon Levitt's, has been mentioned in conjunction with the role for over two months.  With Levitt stepping away to direct, produce and star in DC's Sandman, it was a matter of time before this news became official and, according to Jeff Sneider at The Wrap, it's probably been the case for some time now as Rudd has already begun "physical training" for the role of Dr. Henry Pym. Rudd will receive what is likely the final draft of the script soon and begin filming in Georgia in early 2014.

With Edgar Wright directing the film, it will certainly have a good deal of comedic moments, something with which Rudd will be at ease. I've been on Team Rudd since the rumors broke and am thrilled to have this in place and can't wait to see what Rudd brings to the role of Pym, one of the original Avengers and truly one of the more complex personalities in the Marvel universe. Rumors persist that Rashida Jones will sign on for the role of Janet Van Dyne, Pym's co-worker and eventual wife who also joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes as the Wasp. The rest of the cast should fill in relatively quickly, giving us a much clearer idea of where the film might be heading. Will Scott Lang be in the film? Who will be the villain(s)? If Marvel follows suit, we will have a good handle on the rest of the cast by March or April with filming set to kick off in May.