Monday, December 23, 2013

UPDATED: Official Synopsis for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four Reboot Revealed

Earlier today it was reported that casting was about to begin ahead of a February 10 filming date. reported the info and mentioned that while Michael B. Jordan had been cast in the role, all other roles were open. In digging around the casting company website, I found what may be the official synopsis for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four. Hit the jump to check it out...

The following was taken from, the website linked in's original report:

"'The Fantastic Four' will tell the tale of two very young friends, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. After an event transforms the boys, they find themselves empowered with bizarre new abilities. Reed becomes a scientific genius who can stretch, twist and re-shape his body to inhuman proportions. Ben becomes a monstrous, craggy humanoid with orange, rock-like skin and super-strength. However, the two end up being owned by the government and used as weapons. But after they mature, two others with powers come into the picture-Sue Storm 'The Invisible Girl' and Johnny Storm 'The Human Torch.'"
Is this the official direction for the reboot? If this is the legitimate casting call and this website is the one being used, this is absolutely ridiculous. I've long wanted this film to fail because I wanted the rights to revert to Marvel; if this is true, I know want it to fail because it is not a Fantastic Four movie anymore.

I'm a bit skeptical of whether or not any of this is legitimate at this time; however, if it is and this is what Fox has been waiting for, they have totally butchered Marvel's original comic book property. There is no way in hell I would see this film.

This sounds as if the "accident" is responsible for Reed's genius, not to mention that the four of them don't go through it together, forging a deep bond, not to mention that Reed and Ben are used as government weapons? WTF Fox? Now, to be fair, a similar rumor circulated once before. But if this is Fox's new direction for the First Family, they have completely lost their minds. At this point I don't even understand why you're calling it the Fantastic Four, Fox. You're literally changing most of their history and keeping the name.


Josh Trank took to Twitter yesterday to make sure the world knew that the synopsis is not accurate:

Keep in mind, this doesn't mean that they aren't still altering the origins of the team, just that they're not doing it in this particular way.