Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lex Luthor to Share the Villainous Spotlight in Batman vs. Superman?

The 2015 Man of Steel follow up seems to be getting awfully full these days. With the addition of Wonder Woman and the rumors that The Flash is a lock to be in the film, it's no wonder people like me are starting to wonder if we're getting a Justice League film instead of the World's Finest team-up we've been expecting.  According to Batman-on-Film, a site Brain Splatter has followed for a long time now, the good guys won't be the only ones teaming up in the film.

The site, which has been around for a long time, gave some info today that while not surprising, sort of confirms what most of us have been thinking: Lex Luthor will have a little help in his efforts to defeat Superman. While Luthor has not been confirmed in the movie, it's a given he's going to be a part of it; however, most are expecting Lex to be much different from previous on-screen iterations of the character and that may just involve him not getting his hands dirty (Brain Splatter likes that idea, especially since we've been writing about it since July!) Batman-on-Film also throws in the addendum that both of the villains will come from Superman's list of enemies, leaving all of Batman's rogues in the dugout for the upcoming film.

The identity of the second villain hasn't been revealed but there are two rumored favorites for the role: Doomsday and Metallo. In this instance, I agree with my man Knight Gambit: Metallo seems to make much more sense as Lex's heavy in the film.  I'm still partial to Lex being the big bad behind the scenes in this film and having Metallo do his dirty work will be a great way to make that happen without him dirtying his own hands. Doomsday WILL make his way into the DCCU but this is really far too early to throw him out there.

For now we'll put this one in the rumor column (I actually have a rumor should see it sometime) but won't be surprised when we find out it's true.