Monday, December 23, 2013

Josh Trank's Fantastic Four Set to Cast and WIll Film in February

In a bit of a confusingly written article, is reporting that casting calls have gone out for Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four. According to the article, the studio is looking to cast all but the role of Johnny Storm, a role that has long been rumored to belong to actor Michael B. Jordan. goes on to state that auditions will be taking place in Los Angeles ahead of the beginning of filming, slated for February 10 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and that locals of that area are already being cast as extras and stand-ins.

The studio has had the script under rewrites by their go to guy, Simon Kinberg, and look set to get things moving in their version of a shared cinematic universe between the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Casting rumors have circled around Samira Wiley and Miles Teller among others for the roles of Sue Storm and Reed Richards but there have been no rumors, to my knowledge, concerning actors for the role of Ben Grimm.

With this film about to enter production, X-Men: Apocalypse officially announced and several other X-films in development, it looks as if Fox is aggressively pushing its way into the comic book movie market.