Monday, December 2, 2013

Early December DC News Wrap-up: Young Justice, Hourman, Arrow, Superman on Batman and Gotham

Following the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, DC and Warner Bros. sources are, apparently, back to work as today was full of news on projects of the partners.  I may be late to the parade, but it's all here, in one place, for your consumption, after the jump:

FOX's Gotham to Start with a Familiar Case

According to Bleeding Cool, who has a new source over at Warner Bros., the pilot for the Jim Gordon vehicle, Gotham, which reportedly focuses on the future commish's rise through the ranks of the GCPD, will focus on the detective "trying to solve a very famous double homicide." While the folks at Bleeding Cool connected it to the Batman Begins tease of the Joker, Brain Splatter feels it's much more likely to be the MORE famous double homicide of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  This connects Gordon to Wayne/Batman and also could be a bridge to the Nolan films.

Arrow Teases

The same source also dropped the following mumbo-jumbo with Bleeding Cool:

"Born on a Monday..."
Someone else survived the island.
Amanda makes an offer.
A better use for that clocktower.
What is the question you should have asked?
Ollie is not the first vigilante.
Not all hoods are green.
A blank expression.

Alrighty then...the first is an obvious reference to Solomon Grundy, who has been rumored to be coming to the series before.  Outside of that I wonder what offer Amanda makes to, I assume, Oliver and who the other vigilante was. We know Roy is destined for Red Arrow at some point and we already know that Deathstroke survived the island (maybe there is someone else too?). Either way, it seems that Arrow is headed for bigger and better things and that's hard to imagine given how consistently great it has been this season already.

Superman Talks Batman

In this exclusive video, found over at Total Film, Henry Cavil gives some insight into Ben Affleck's career and very briefly talks about his co-star's ability to play the part of The World's Greatest Detective.

Is a Young Justice Show Headed to the CW?

We know that DC is furiously developing projects for the big and small screens and we've had a few of those projects confirmed recently by Geoff Johns.  One project we hadn't heard about before today, however, was Young Justice. Bleeding Cool's source struck again on this one, informing the site that the CW may  be developing the property as a teen drama/romance series that happens to be about super-powered teens.  The show, the source adds, would focus on Superboy and Miss Martian as team leaders but didn't discuss what other characters may appear on the show.  This is certainly one property PERFECT for development by the CW given their penchant for teen/tween drama, however, we'll have to see how things develop on this one.

DC to Release 2 Movies Per Year?

Will Booster Gold see the big screen on a small budget?

Bleeding Cool's source also let slip that DC/WB are looking at making, "A series of lower-prominence comic books being turned into relatively lower budget movies." The source mentioned that they have properties in mind which could be turned into films for between 20-40 million dollars. If so, the studio would more than likely make their money back on opening weekend of each film. This jives with information from last week that people looking to make films out of properties such as Booster Gold, Deathstroke, Team 7 and Suicide Squad would have to first run their pitch by David Goyer who is shepherding the studios projects.

CW's Hourman Will Be Hourmen?

Hourman isn't one of DC's best known properties, but the concept is pretty cool. First appearing in the 1940s, Rex Tyler,by ingesting the drug Miraclo, would gain incredible super powers...for one hour. According, once again, to Bleeding Cool's source, the CW show will see the drug ingested by a new person each week, granting them an hour of power, but that each person would exhibit different abilities.  While this isn't set in stone, it's a big turn from the original comic and the original idea for the show.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for sharing all the info...I need a friggin' source.