Saturday, December 14, 2013

Brain Splatter: 2 Names Nobody Else Is Talking About for Daredevil

When Marvel and Netflix announced their groundbreaking deal to bring 4 13-episode series and a mini-series to the TV-on-Demand provider, fanboys around the world, including this one, went mad with glee.  The first of those 13-episode series to drop will be Drew Goddard's Daredevil.  After the jump I'll take a slightly different look at who could possibly take on the dual role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil...

I know that I'm not the first one to come up with one of these lists, though I may be the only one dumb enough to just have two people on mine; however, I wanted mine to be different than the rest.  Yeah, Dexter makes a nice Daredevil...but everyone thinks that. For these two guys I went slightly outside the box, but with good reason. So here are two actors who could be sleeper picks to play Ol' Hornhead in the upcoming series. Keep in mind that just because I've written it down, it's likely neither of these men will ever have a chance, but I'm bored today.

Ian Somerhalder

Somerhalder has made a name for himself on The Vampire Diaries following his turn on Lost, where he worked with Goddard for two episodes, 'Further Instructions' and 'Expose.' Somerhalder has just about the right build for the agile Daredevil, despite being quite a bit smaller in stature than the fictional Murdock (and yes, I know that doesn't matter). Somerhalder is also in his mid-thirties but could easily play a younger Murdock as well. This would be a huge career move for the Lost alum

Michael Stahl-David

If you don't recognize Stahl, you're not alone. His biggest venture, to this point, has been as Rob in Cloverfield, but he's going to start generating a little more heat here in the next year...just in time to have a name brand actor headlining The Man Without Fear. Daredevil writer and director, Drew Goddard, wrote Cloverfield and is also attached to the upcoming sequel, which has been rumored to see the return of Stahl's character. 

This is why I started a website called Comic Book Brain Splatter, guys...when this stuff goes through my mind, no matter how silly it may seem, I can put it on this site and share it with those who want to see it!
What are your thoughts on these two guys suiting up as Daredevil?