Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Australian Actor Callan Mulvey Up For Villainous Role in Batman vs. Superman

While the big news of the day is the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the 2015 Batman vs. Superman film, Variety, in their piece on the news, mentions that Zero Dark Thirty and 300: Rise of an Empire star, Callan Mulvey, is up for the role of the film's villain.

While Variety does not mention which role Mulvey would land, it's likely to be that of Lex Luthor, long-rumored to be making his first appearance in the new DC cinematic universe in the film.  You can read my thoughts on what to expect from Luthor in the film HERE!!!!

Variety also goes on to mention that they still fully expect The Flash to make some sort of appearance in the film as well. It's also been heavily rumored that Nightwing, the all-growed up version of Dick Grayson, will also make an appearance in the film. Clearly DC/WB is using this film as the launching point of their shared cinematic universe.  It'll be interesting to see who is cast as The Flash and whether he and Gadot are capable of carrying their own franchises down the line.