Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alonso, Fraction and Soule Discuss 'Inhuman' Delay, Change of Writer

While the delay in Marvel's new Inhuman title was announced a couple of weeks ago, it was only the other day that we learned the reason behind the delay was that Marvel had made the decision to replace writer Matt Fraction with Charles Soule. Today, Comic Book Resources released a snippet of their weekly Axel-in-Charge interview which revealed more details about why Fraction has left the book.

Marvel and writer Matt Fraction, as it turns out, have been working through "creative differences" for some time and, in the best interest of the title and the fans, decided to amicably part ways.  While I won't transcribe CBR's interviews, I will say that all parties involved (Alonso, Fraction and Soule) all seem to have the same story about the creative shift. It simply seems that the story Fraction was hoping to tell was not inline with the story Marvel envisioned as a foundation to some large scale changes to the future of their universe.