Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RUMOR: Could Mr. Locke Be Mr. Luthor?

According to sources close to the Batman vs. Superman production offices in Detroit, Terry O'Quinn, best known for his many supporting roles, including his run as John Locke on Lost, is on the short list of actors being considered to portray the next film version of Lex Luthor.

The rumor was first reported over at Superman Super Site and is one of many casting rumors currently swirling around the film.  Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong have previously been rumored to be up for the role, though both actors have made it known that they were JUST rumors.  This one seems to be pretty hot and with pre-production in full swing in advance of a January/February filming, it's likely there's at least some credence to this rumor.  We will all find out soon enough.

Locke, I mean O'Quinn, is an interesting choice for the role. He certainly has the charisma and look for the part and can clearly do sneaky-underhanded-deceitful-while-making-yo- trust-him pretty well, and, as I've said before, that's most likely the Lex Luthor we will see in Snyder's universe.  What's your take on O'Quinn as Luthor? Who would do a better job?