Thursday, November 14, 2013

RUMOR: Batman vs. Superman to Feature All-Star Lex, Introduce Flash and Wonderwoman

For those of you who have been reading since the beginning (friends and family) or those of you who have dug through the archives, you'll remember that in THIS late-July blog I gave my take on how I thought Batman vs. Superman might shape up and what I expected to see from Lex Luthor and Batman in the film. Last night over at Comic Book Movie, user nailbiter111 posted and "Exclusive" in which he gave details on Lex Luthor from his source close to production.  Come with me after the jump and we'll sort through the exclusive rumors, the Twitter beat down nailbiter111 took from El Mayimbe and thoughts about where the film is headed...
Just so we're all on the same page, early last evening nailbiter111 started a Twitter tease frenzy with this tweet:

Apparently he's been sitting on some info from his source for a few days and decided that rather than run a full-blown piece, he decided to run through some scene descriptions from the script.  After another hour's worth of teasing, he tweeted the following:

At this point it was fairly obvious to me that he was headed down the road towards telling us that the Lex Luthor his source is telling him will appear in Batman vs. Superman is pretty much the Lex Luthor I described in the piece I wrote up in July. I didn't know it at the time, because I've never read nor watched All-Star Superman, but the Luthor I described is the Luthor of All-Star Superman, or so I've been told.  At this point, though I'm always skeptical of ANY AND ALL internet rumors, I was slightly pleased because I honestly cannot handle one more version of the bumbling, real-estate tycoon/buffoon Luthor.

Finally, about 2 hours after the beginning of all the hoopla, nailbiter111 posted his article over at Comic Book Movie. In addition to some rumors about Wonder Woman and The Flash (possibly played by Grant Gustin who will be the CW's Flash) appearing in the film, nailbiter111 talked, in depth, about the depiction of Luthor for which Snyder is looking. He put in some "quotes" from the script and gave a description of Luthor which perfectly fit the model I'm hoping for.  For some reason, however, despite it lining up with my own personal wishes, I just wasn't buying into it.  So, I went to bed!

Once I fired up my Google machine this morning, I found out that at some point last night super-duper-Latino-scooper, El Mayimbe, took to Twitter to tell nailbiter111 that his info was bunk.  Among a longer Twitter thread, El Mayimbe tweeted the following when asked what part of the "Exclusive" was true:

At this point we are left to ponder things for ourselves knowing that, in reality, we're not going to find out who was right until the movie hits screens.  I've been surfing the internet for rumors and spoilers since the Star Wars prequels and one thing that I don't remember finding a lot of on the internet are characterization spoilers from specific scenes from scripts.  I want this Luthor rumor to be true, but to be quite honest the information this source has passed on to nailbiter111 is one step away from what I wrote back in July and that step is writing up a line or two of dialogue.

So, at this point, just a few months before shooting, we still don't have a complete cast and we still don't know exactly what tone this film will have.  Some days Wonder Woman is in, some days she isn't.  Some days Flash is in, some days he isn't.  What it sounds like to me is that, in this case, there are a lot of people with a lot of "exclusive" knowledge and, if we're lucky, maybe one of them actually knows something. It's a safe bet Luthor is in the film and it's a safe bet that he'll be similar to the one I described in July.  Given that Man of Steel set up an atmosphere of mistrust around Superman and, following that, he was partially responsible for destroying one of the DCU's crown cities, it's not a stretch to imagine that we'll see him further scrutinized in the next film.  The New 52's Justice League started off under intense scrutiny as's a really nice starting point for this shared universe. I'm relatively sure it's going to work out that way.  Lesson is readers, just be patient.  We'll start to figure it out soon and when they start filming in the D, just 15 minutes away from this guy's hometown, I'll be snooping around with a camera seeing what I can spy with my little eye.