Friday, November 8, 2013

RUMOR: Adam Driver A Front Runner for Dick Grayson in Batman vs. Superman

 A day after El Mayimbe dropped his scoop about Batman's former sidekick, Dick Grayson, joining the 2015 Man of Steel sequel, The Wrap reported that Adam Driver is considered a front runner for the role.  Grayson, best known as the Boy Wonder, Robin, will appear as Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman.

Full disclosure: I have no idea who this dude is. Never seen him in anything. Having said that, nothing about his physical appearance says, "Hey, I'm Nightwing" to me.  Having said that, I can say this: doesn't matter what I think. WB/DC is going to cast the person they want and it's going to have to happen pretty quickly given the fact that shooting is going to kick off really quickly here.

What are your thoughts on this feller here?

Source: The Wrap