Friday, November 22, 2013

REVIEW: Arrow Episode 2.07, "State v. Queen"

Last week we saw our favorite Starling City hero share the limelight for a little while by helping his trusty not-sidekick sidekick rescue his ex-wife. We saw Oliver leave the country for a little bit, really piss both me and Felicity off, and all the while help Diggle save the day. We found out a couple of interesting tid-bits along the way, including that (obviously) Deadshot never misses, meaning Diggle’s brother’s murder probably wasn’t an accident. While it was a good episode, I’m happy to have the focus back on our favorite comic book television squeeze!

This week’s episode covers the trial of “Queen vs. State” and also the return of the ever-annoying Count and his precious Vertigo drug, but instead of procuring junkies in the old fashioned way, he decides to poison them, engineering the cure to be, you guessed it, Vertigo. This particular issue hits close to home with the gang, though.

During Moira’s trial, a series of unfortunate events takes place in which Laurel is forced to question Moira on the stand. Not only is she forced to do this, but may have become privy to knowledge that not only the public is unaware of, but Oliver and Thea as well.

Per usual, we have more flashbacks, which I personally struggle to follow at times, but that’s just me. We also get someone adorable moments between Oliver and Felicity, whom, in case you haven’t noticed, I just adore. Basically, I just want to get to the end because a major bombshell was dropped and I may have yelled in a similar way to that of Stephen Amell’s mother when she heard what I heard. At one point during this episode I said: “I bet Thea…,” but it was a fleeting thought. I certainty didn’t expect them to address the thought in the same episode. For this reason alone, this episode is a must watch. I’m finding that they all are anymore, for one reason or another, and that I appreciate. 

Big things are coming to Starling City, and if you aren’t watching this show, there is most likely something wrong with you.

As do all of you, I hope this week goes by in a “Flash” because I can’t wait for next week’s episode!