Wednesday, November 6, 2013

REVIEW: Arrow, Episode 2.05, League of Assassins

The writers of "Arrow" have done it once again. As if last weeks episode wasn't already spectacular, they threw another one at us. I found myself anticipating this episode as if it were a season finale and my whole life depended on it. I must say, my hopes for this episode were especially high after Stephen Amell made it quite clear that this was the best episode so far. I was hesitant to believe after the success of last week's "Crucible" that the following week's "League of Assassins" would be just as satisfying, since that seems to be a rare feat in television, but "Arrow" has pulled through once again, wowing even someone as nit-picky as myself.

I mentioned last week that I no longer have the feeling, or even a concern, about the writers using Batman material, and that still stands true. This episode dove even further into the subjects that caused that concern for me, mainly being Ra's Al Ghul and The League of Assassins/Shadows. And let's face it, they both share the whole billionaire, playboy, philanthropist thing within the same universe. Despite these factors, somehow, it is all executed in such a way, as I said last week, that doesn't come across as the easy, already-been-done road. Each episode of "Arrow" that airs, the writers are paving their own road, even if they're using a few old tools to execute it.

Tonight's "League of Assassins" mainly dealt with just that. We see a few flashbacks from the night the Queen's Gambit crashed, and witness a heart to heart between Oliver and Sarah, and from there it's pretty much League of Assassins and Ra's Al Ghul the whole way. We see some more history of Sarah's, witness the on the screen debut of another mid-grade DCU character, and some pretty entertaining fight sequences.

In less exciting news, Laurel has been assigned opposite Moira Queen, offering her a deal including life in prison, which she opts to take, rather than fighting the death sentence. We also witness some character development with Detective Lance, but we won't spoil that part for you. All I can say, is that hopefully, this development reassures and maybe strengthens Detective Lance's faith in the newly dubbed "Arrow". Oh, I impatiently await the day when there is a "green" before that. If the "Red Arrow" ever becomes apart of the team, we'll have to decipher between the two somehow.

Very repetitive, I know, but all I can say is bravo "Arrow" for delivering another great and original episode this week! If we have episodes like "Crucible" and "League of Assassins" 5 episodes into the season, I can only imagine what our finale will be like.